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Huntington Beach Dodge Jeep Chrysler

I bought two trucks from Huntington Beach Dodge Jeep Chrysler one 2015 the other 2016 the prices where good the experience was O K. This time I go there to buy another car and it's a run a round Trying to sell me things I don't want. Finance is trying to sell me off on a almost 9% interest rate they finally gave me a 5% rate which is still a little higher then it could be. Now I'm telling them that the Jeep I wanted has some scratches on it I want them to fix before I pick up the car they're telling me that because the car has a discount that they don't fix those scratches, that's is BULL SHIT. I like some things about this dealership such as they have the prices to all the cars and trucks right on their web site. The discounts are there too. But I can tell you some of the staff there are not the best people to deal with. CONSIDER USING THERE PRICES FROM THE WEB TO NEGOTIATE AT A DEALER THAT MAY HAVE BETTER BUSINESS PRACTICES. NOT VERY HAPPY THIS TIME AROUND.


As you may have read I have been having problems with Mercury Insurance looks like I need to take them to court. Think twice before buying Mercury Insurance. Well now we see the lack of ability with CHASE BANK in Glendale Ca. First thing you'll see when you walk in the door there are one or two people to meet and greet they help you to the different departments. This is also the same number of tellers they give you at the bank one or two. I've have been there now twice over two days for what should have been a 5 minute trip has turned into more then two hours and counting of my time. What I did notice while sitting and waiting is that the lines in this bank move slow they don't seem to care about or respect your time but have many excuses for bank policy. Well millions of people pay bank fees everyday and month to see CEO's and management receive millions of dollars in bonus pay with our fee's but can't afford two or three more tellers at $15.00 per hour. Sounds pretty cheap to me. Before you Bank with CHASE or any other bank you should see how that branch is operated. See if it's well staffed to serve you in a timely way or if like this CHASE GLENDALE CA. BRANCH MAY NEED TO RE-THINK HOW THEY TREAT AND SERVICE THEIR CUSTOMERS. THIS GLENDALE CHASE BRANCH IS NOT THE BEST TO USE GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.




It's hard to believe today how insurance companies trying to earn your business but at the same time cheating you out of money your entitled to on your claims. They spend millions of dollars on radio and newspaper
advertisement. But when it come to costumer care they want to short change you. Mercury insurance is forcing people to take time out of their busy schedule losing money at work to file in small claims court to get all their money due on a auto accident claim. This is whats happening to me. I have gotten three estimates all of them over $4500.00 two of the being at $4523.00 and one at $4545.79 They send me a check for $3311.00 saying this is what I could get my truck repaired for. All repair shops said the work would take 11 to 14 days. They didn't include the money for a rental truck but yet they know I would need this. So when you consider buying insurance keep this in mind that MERCURY INSURANCE GROUP may not have your best interest in mind if you ever get into an automobile accident. TAKING YOUR MONEY IS NOT A PROBLEM FOR THEM IT'S PAYING IT OUT. BUYER BEWARE. JUST ONE PERSONS EXPERIENCE.

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We are changing the way business buy advertisement. Low cost yellow pages and low costing advertisement is the way businesses stay in business. With all the changes that take place in our economy you have to be smart in how you spend your advertisement dollars. Choose the companies that offer you the most for the least amount of money and you will advertise in more places with less money.


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As a small business owner of 37 years of bestgaragedoor.com and myyellowpagesplus.com for 10 years. I see a lot of corporate greed and it's hurting the advancement of small business in America. One thing I feel bad about is the auto industry in American. The American people have bailed them out of their problems a couple of times and now you see them over price their cars and trucks specially their trucks. The trucks cost so much now that for those business that need trucks it takes your extra profit and savings away from your family and business.

How can you help your kids with college or school sport programs when the basics that you need for your home and business service cost you an arm and a leg. Companies like ATT Yellow pages are over charging for services and this hurts small companies.

I'm just now starting a program to help small business get away from the over priced online yellow page companies like ATT. We are offering a two year advertisement deal for a $10.00 one time SEO fee and the online yellow pages are free for two years.

Just like you Mr President I to want to help business move forward keeping and investing more of their hard earned money and help them invest in a growing economy. Maybe you should let people know in your State of the Union address how My Yellow Pages Plus is trying to help move America forward in fighting cooperate greed. See the Presidents State of the Union Address 1-20-2015 9PM Eastern Time

Joseph Lucey


Two of the country’s largest yellow pages companies filed for prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy

YELLOW PAGES 12-16-2014

Two of the country’s largest yellow pages companies filed for prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy today, hoping to emerge as a single company by July. The two companies, SuperMedia (SPMD) and Dex One (DEXO), announced their merger plans last summer and hope to save as much as $175 million a year as a result of combining their operations.

As anachronistic as a paper directory may seem in these days of Google (GOOG) and Yelp (YELP), the yellow pages are still active businesses. As I previously reported, publishers distributed 422 million directories in 2011. And despite their long decline, yellow pages still generate enough cash to entice some private equity and hedge fund investors. John Paulson’s hedge fund is one of the largest investors in SuperMedia, and AT&T (T) last year sold a stake in its directory business—named simply Yellow Pages—to Cerberus Capital Management in a deal that values the unit at $1.4 billion.

That’s not to say there’s no risk in the companies, particularly for creditors. Both Dex and SuperMedia are quite familiar with bankruptcy. In 2009, Dex One, which was created out of the businesses of Sprint (S) and the old Qwest Communications, went through bankruptcy to halve its $12 billion in debt. And SuperMedia was formed out of the 2009 bankruptcy of the directory business Verizon Communications (VZ) spun off in 2006. That spinoff is still subject to litigation by creditors.
Video: Does the YP App Signal the End of the Yellow Pages?

Matthew Stover, SuperMedia’s chief marketing officer, last year told me that “to be successful, anybody who has been in yellow pages needs to be in the local media business now.” That means transforming into a digital ad company that sells marketing services to small and medium-size business owners, helping them manage tasks like search engine optimization, and maintaining a presence on social networks. “If I am a heating and air condition person, when do I have time to do all of this?” Stover said. Directory companies have increased their digital revenue, but not quickly enough to counteract declining print sales. To expand the digital side, they’ll need to make some investments, from developing new technologies to training staff in social media marketing. Even for a leaner company emerging fresh from bankruptcy proceedings, those pressures and challenges aren’t going away.


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